Changing careers is an exciting move, and it may seem a little intimidating. At OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy, our instructors will make sure that you are ready to step into your new role when you graduate. It is natural to have questions, and we have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions about our dental assisting program in North East, Pennsylvania. If you have an issue that we have not addressed here, call our office at 814-636-9883 and speak with one of our team members.

Do you accept financial aid?
Rather than opting to make our school nine months long, with price tags averaging $18,000, in order to allow for federal financial assistance, Dr. Nuhfer chose to implement affordable tuition prices, providing our students with the opportunity to graduate with little to no student debt.

How can your program be so fast?
It is a work-based, hands-on learning program. We take a different approach from traditional education. Our classes take place in our dental office, with real dentists, real equipment and real patients, rather than a classroom. There is a hands-on component to every part of our course. Our classes begin with a lecture and class discussion, but the majority of the class time is spent in labs and patient clinicals, learning the essential techniques of dental assisting.

How can a short program be as effective as a longer program?
As a newly hired dental assistant, your employer will have an expectation that you will know the basic skills of dental assisting. It is those fundamental skills that we focus on teaching our students. Our custom-designed curriculum sets students up for success by teaching them exactly what dentists will expect them to know: from radiology, performing full FMX’s, making great alginate impressions and taking patient vitals, to assisting with simple to complex dental procedures.

What will be included in my coursework?
At OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy, we want to ensure that you are fully equipped to enter the dental assisting field. Your coursework will include:

  • Radiology theory and practice of intraoral and extraoral X-ray techniques and procedures
  • Cements and liners
  • Model pouring and trimming
  • Impressions
  • Crown and bridge instruments and materials, including making temporary restorations
  • Office management, including front desk operation, appointments, billing, office management software and OSHA regulations
  • Treatment techniques for all areas of dentistry, including preventive care, restorative dentistry, periodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics
  • Sterilization procedures

What is required to pass the course?
You must pass the course with at least a grade of 85% in order to successfully complete the program.

Are there future job opportunities in dental assisting?
In a word, yes! In fact, the dental assisting field is predicted to experience significant growth until at least 2026.