Instructors in North East, PA

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors at OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy are invested in your success. As dental professionals, our team understands how important a solid education and practical experience are and they offer a comprehensive dental assisting program in North East, Pennsylvania. The skills you learn during your coursework will be supported by the years of experience and knowledge our team has to draw on. Also, our national brand has standardized program requirements from each independent, dentist-owned campus, assuring quality control measures are kept and maintained.

You can meet our instructors below. We invite you to call 814-636-9883 for a tour of our school and to schedule an interview.

Dina L. Nuhfer, DMD

Director, Owner and Instructor

Dr. Dina Nuhfer is the director and instructor of OceanPointe Dental Academy-North East.

Dr. Nuhfer saw a need for quality dental assistants but wanted a fast-track program option for the community. After searching many curriculums, she finally found one and presented it to the Pennsylvania State Board of Education. She will be your teacher and lead the program to make sure all students are successful in learning the skills necessary to complete their 12 weeks to become a dental assistant. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and has had the pleasure of practicing dentistry in North East, Pennsylvania, since 1998. She opened North East Dental Arts to provide quality dental care and specialized services all under one roof.

Rachel Fleisig, DMD

Acting Director

Dr. Rachel Fleisig is our acting director. She is the backup director of the program. Dr. Fleisig graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with her DMD and a BS in economics. She is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and joined North East Dental Arts in July 2020. Patient care is her top priority, and she has brought her gentle touch to the practice.

Tiffany Martone

Admissions Director

Tiffany Martone is our admissions and externship director. She will walk you through the process for registration and enrollment, as well as following you on your journey and answering any questions about the program. She will make sure your externship is completed and will be the main contact for OceanPointe. After spending 15 years in the dental field, she joined Dr. Nuhfer’s practice in 2019 to work behind the scenes as her personal and business assistant. She assisted Dr. Nuhfer in getting approval from the state board to establish OceanPointe Dental Academy as an approved dental assisting program.

Dory Mazur

Lecture instructor

Dory Mazur is one of the instructors who will help students learn the fundamentals of dental assisting. She attended the University of Pittsburgh in 1987, earning her degree in dental hygiene. She has a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene education from Edinboro University and her PA public health license. She enjoys helping her patients improve their dental health and is the prefect mentor to students who wish to continue their education.

Katie Sanders

Lab instructor

Katie Sanders is an instructor with OceanPointe Dental Academy. She is a graduate of Fortis Institute and will assist Dr. Nuhfer in teaching the curriculum. She became Dr. Nuhfer’s lead assistant in 2018 at North East Dental Arts. Katie is a master at passing instruments and taking impressions. She will show students the ins and outs of being a dental assistant and the flow of the dental office.